Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm trying to be happier.  I'm trying to be less sarcastic (ha! - whoops).  I'm trying to be more easy going.  I'm trying to laugh more!
So with that being said, I'm going to rant her for a second.  Perhaps I should make this post PRIVATE.  It pertains to no one in particular.  It is not to suffocate any thoughts or plans or conversation that I may have with anyone who may read this.  It's just a rant.


Oooff Lordy, I feel better already!

I just had to get that out. 

But as long as I'm at it, and again, hope NOT to offend ANYONE....
but I'm sick of hearing these people going to DISNEY WORLD year after year after year!  How many times can you torture yourself and your child going to Disney Land?   Next time you go - pick me up a Grumpy T-shirt.

And in all honesty, in case you couldn't figure this out already - it's pure jealousy.  We never go anywhere.  We used to travel so much and now.....nothing.  Last year we went to Beech Bend Park and truely loved it!  That is what we are all looking forward to this summer.  A one day trip and back again the same day.

So hopefully no one is too offended.  I had to get the vacation hate out of my system.
And now, onto my Staycation.

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