Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Today is all about happiness. 
I am so happy for my belief in Jesus and God and my Christianity. I might not always be the perfect Christian, but that is exactly what we already know, Jesus died for our sins.  So for me, Good Friday and Easter are such important holidays. 
I came to the realization the other day that as much as I LOVE Christmas, it is no longer my favorite holiday, Easter is.  Even with Elaine's First Communion this week and Easter Egg Hunts, and school parties etc, the stress was just not there like it is with Christmas.  I can enjoy and focus on this special time of year.  And the 40 days of Lent isn't filled with shopping, parties, baking, wrapping, traveling.  It's spent focusing on the event that is to follow. 
I am so happy for my family and friends.  I love being close to my parents, even though sometimes I want to give them a good flick in the arm.  I am so happy for two beautiful happy healthy well behaved smart kids (no bragging there at all, huh?).  I am so happy for husband, who I also want to flick in the arm, nose and sometimes tooshie, but he is a good man, a good father and a pretty good husband.
I am happy for my church that brings me joy and allows me a place to commune and celebrate every week and on almost all occassions.
I am happy for my health.  This path I'm traveling on has helped me to drop a few pounds so far, but I already feel so much better!
And I thank you, any of you who may read my blog.  Immediately this blog brought me a new friend, Kathi - and that alone is a blessing!!!
I hope you have a blessed Easter!
Love, Prayers, Health and Happiness -

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Kathi said...

So blessed to have you a part of my life, Sheri! Your support threw the sale of the house insmore than I could ever ask for and I thank you for that.