Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hump Day

I am so excited!  I feel like I'm on the "right path" right now.  Things are just going really well. First of all, I hopped on the scale yesterday and it 165.0!!!!!  I am creeping further and further away from that dreaded plataue I've been locked in for sure since September, but in the past two years in general.  June of 2009 I was doing the South Beach Diet and got down to 157, I believe.  So my immediate goal is to hit that first.  Then I will be in uncharted territory!  But I'm going to take this day by day and pound by pound!
I downloaded the Eat Clean diet Recharged the other day and am loving it as much as Your Best Body Now!  So much information and I'm just soaking it in like a sponge.   One little tid bit, that I had also read before in yoga journals, blogs etc is that is it excellent to start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon. 
It's "the ultimate tonic."  Tosca says she has found it prevents her from drinking too much coffee while it helps her cleanse her liver.  Okay, sounds good, I'll try it.  So I had this yesterday, after I'd already had a cup of coffee.  Let me tell you, this "ultimate tonic" lived up to that quoted title.  I guess I wasn't really thinking of what a tonic and body detoxifying act really meant.  I was afraid to leave the house.  But I think that was because I drank it after my coffee.  So we'll see, this morning, my hot water and lemon sit next to my coffee - as if to battle it out head on!  HA HA HA  But the tonic is going down easily first this morning.
Oooooooh I made another life changing grocery swap the other day, too.  We hadn't had spaghetti in awhile, so I thought we'd have that for dinner.  I couldn't remember if I still had noodles at home, so I needed to grab some at the store.  Barilla's spaghetti or Barilla's Whole Wheat Spaghetti.  Another head to head battle with my food options.  Try to imagine boxes of spaghetti with mini helmets on!  HA HA HA  My husband was sort of rubbing me the wrong way that day, so I thought, not only will I make spaghetti, which he is not a HUGE fan of, but I'll change it up and use Whole Wheat spaghetti.  Bwah haw haw  Although he never ate dinner that night, the kids and I did, and no one noticed a thing!  Plates were filled and cleaned and filled again with, "That was awesome, mom!" as they left the counter.  So, whole wheat spaghetti, you are now a staple of our home.
My 5 mile walks are going great.  Phyllis, my friend, and I have great conversation while keeping an excellent pace.  That is the problem I've always had with other walkers.  I walk fast and I can walk AND talk without slowing down my pace, no matter which direction the conversation turns.  If nothing else, I'll walk faster due to the conversation than slower. 
Well I'm gonna wait out my tonic, go for my 5 miler and then jump on the scale when I return.  Wednesday is my blogger groups weigh in day, so I'm soooooooo excited to weigh and post!

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Kathi said...

Great work! So proud of you.