Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tuesday Day 2

I didn't see drastic results from my mowing/biking Sunday - I actually gained a pound.   
Monday after work I hopped on my bike and hit the park, too.  WHOA - I forgot you're usually a little sore in the tooshie area after not riding for awhile.  I almost turned around to give myself a day to heal.  But I didn't.  However, once I hit the park I realized how windy it was!  And after just 1 lap, my legs were like noodles.  I was riding, and actually laughing at how pathetic I was.  I made it 2 laps and burned 250 calories.  Tuesday the scale showed I dropped .9 pound.  Rolling my eyes (rme). 

For dinner, I tried something I have NEVER EVER had before!  The thought of it makes me gringe, as I've never enjoyed.....TUNA!!!  I tried it about 10 years ago when working at hospital and they had tuna salad on a beautiful flaky croissant with a pretty piece of leafy lettuce under it.  Looked great. I ate it and got horrifically sick - must have sat out in the display case too long.  So many years later, my husband has it all the time, I make it for him, but I am so not about tuna.  This week I bought another thing I drastically hate  Helper.  Hamburger helper does about the same thing to me as that spoiled tuna did.  But I thought I'd try Tuna Helper and see if the kids enjoyed it.  Of course, at first no one was thrilled, but then it ended up we LOVED IT!!!!!  I almost ate it all before I remembered to take a pix for proof! 
I had 2 helpings.  That scared me. 
So I checked the SIDE of the box....
First of all I didn't use 2 cans of tuna, as it calls for, when making this - thought it'd be too strong for us tuna newbies and we used light water packed tuna and topped eat helping with a squeeze of fresh lemon.  So I'm thinking that 260 per 1 cup serving is actually lower for us. All in all the kids loved it, I appreciated it and funny enough - my tuna loving husband stuck his nose up at it!  LOL

Tuesday is Cougartown Night.

I had told myself I was going to cut the wine down but that I didn't want to say I wouldn't have any at all.  That if I had it once a week, I didn't want to be guilt ridden.  I decided last night, when I remembered Cougartown was on (love that show), that Tuesday night would be a good wine night.  I did struggle with this all afternoon/evening - I won't go get wine, I don't need a glass of a wine, I don't even want a glass of wine, wait Cougartown is on, you can't watch Cougartown and not drink wine, no I don't need wine, yes I'll just have a glass, oooh  I'll buy a small bottle and that way I'll only have a small amount.  So I get to the liquor store and look for Middle Sister wine.  It takes me forever to decide which type I want, turns out I'm Rebellious California Merlot, and then I see it's $9.99 a bottle.  Now in terms of wine that isn't much at all.  So I grab it.  But then I think, well Cory might want some, and he won't like the Merlot as much.  The box of Sangria is $17.99 and then he can have as much as he wants (He, right?  As much as HE wants).  So sure enough, I put back the Middle Sister and grab the old time favorite box of Sangria. 
So a couple glasses of wine later, and 2 slices of Colby jack cheese, while laughing at Jules and Grayson on Naked Day, I really didn't feel guilty.  Could I have passed, though?  Of course, I could have - I'm not an alcoholic.  The problem was association of the wine and entertainment.  So, I have figured out a new way to do this - I'll DVR Cougartown and then have a glass of wine on the weekend after I've worked hard all week.  That way it is a treat, or an award!

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