Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Day 1

Good morning!
I started my day as usual saying, "Good Morning, God!"   I greet my creator who allows me to awake each day!  Starting my day off right!!! 
I decided today I'd get up, get dressed fix my hair - right away.  Remember, I work from home, so sometimes, I don't have to do any of this until mid-afternoon when I go to get the kids. Then I had my coffee and, I'll admit, hit Facebook.  But I'm glad I did.  Joyce Meyer's started my day of perfectly, she never ceases to wow me with how her thoughts hit directly to my heart!

What an amazing thought!  I AM saying today, that I' going to turn my life around.  I'm starting a healthy living today and as always, I give my heart to God.  I just thought what great support to start my day!

At my first break, I decided I'll make my yummy yummy favorite Southwest Quinoa Salad. 
Mmmmm fresh cilantro, fresh squeezed lemon....
I got this from my Clean Eating magazine about 2 years ago and I just love it!!!!  Even some of my fussy butt friends, like it!  I love the fresh ingredients and the crisp bright flavors.  And it looks awesome in my serving bowl from my bestie, Jane!
I can't wait to have a bowl of this for lunch! 
Yesterday I spent a little time looking at clean eating, healthy cooking blogs!  I'm going to be trying to find some good healthy things to eat and share.  If you know of any please let me know (leave comments below). 
I'm not sure if I'll bike again today or pop in Just Dance 4.  Ya know yesterday I eneded up gaining weight.  I knew the Mexican was bad, but I burned 1400 calories!!!  I have such a hard time understanding my body and how it works.
One thing I will ask, if you know me or just find me while your scanning blogs on line, please leave me a msg in the comment below!  Let me know what you think, what you're looking for, and/or mature criticism (negative or vicious msg's will not be posted and you will be blocked).
Have a Happy Healthy Day!

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