Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring is in the air

Well it's another beautiful day in Nashville, TN. 
My husband is an outdoors kind of guy and the hint of an early spring we had last Monday put him in Full Head On Spring Gear!!!  The 4 cooler/rainy days disappointed him only until he found out yesterday and today were going to be sunny and 59.  Tomorrow 61!!!!!! 
So once again today, after church we hit Wal-Mart, like everyone else does and came home to get outside!!!  I mowed and burned 924 calories - The back yard must not be as big as the front yard.  And then I went directly to my biked and met the kids and hubby at the park for an additional 376 calorie burn for a total of 1400 calories.  It's days like this, where I thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing burning those calories that I think, Why don't I do this every day?  It's so easy!  It's so fun!
Aside from our grass not growing at warp speed nor my mowing business reality, I'm not sure why I don't get out and burn calories like this every day.
Now, please note, today after church we ALSO went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Loma's.  We haven't been there, literally, in months.  We used to go 2-3 times per week at one point!  So it really was a treat. 
But of that 1400 calories, I wonder how much I really pushed into fat burning after knocking off my 2 soft tacos, rice, beans, and basket of chips and salsa.  ***I did have 2 glasses of ice water.
My friend Jenni has been oh so patiently trying to help me find  my own path that actually leads me somewhere besides disappointment and failure.  When I was feeling down and trapped the other day, all the reasons I felt that way, she pointed out to me were merely road blocks.  And I thank her ever so much for not saying, "excuses".  To me, excuses are pathetic reasons - I'm tired, I have nothing to wear, I just showered, blah blah blah.  For me, my reasons are factual and truly cause bumps in my road, i.e.  I don't have $65 to spend at the gym per month, I don't have $12 per day to spend on fancy mixes, I don't have time to join a class somewhere (we're still in mass Over Time at my office), and when I do try things that I really like, then my foot problems kick in.  And that's no, ooh I'm sore, that's literally - to walk hurts!!!    Before I could always walk.  If I didn't have time for anything else, hit the pavement - 15, 30, 45 minutes, it was therapeutic and it was exercise!  I love love love walking.  So to have something so simple taken away from me as an option has really set me for a  loop.  People say - ride your bike or swim.  Swim?  Really?  Shall I jump in the lake?  I'm not joining the YMCA for $80 per month (as we already discussed)?  Our pool won't be up for at least another month and not ready to swim in for at least 3 months.  Biking, well, I can do that weather permitting, so that is an option.
Jenni told me, don't me or yourself what you can't do - that's negative!  Come up with a list of things you CAN DO!  At first I was like Oh blah blah blah Mrs Optimistic, but then later I could clearly see that she was right. 
I can mow, I can ride my bike, I can do Just Dance 4.  All of those burn at least 400 calories per session.
Foods, I said I can't go out right now and buy fancy shakes (though I'd really love to), or special ingredients for special diets, but I CAN limit my wine intake (which I've already been doing), I CAN, not eat out especially at fast food restaurants (which I've already been doing), I can make healthy smoothies for breakfast eat day (which I do sometimes already), have my excellent vitamin filled minestrone for lunch, and good protein and salad/vegetable for dinner each night.  And drink tons and tons of water!!!!
So today, I do feel like there may be some hope on the horizon.  I do feel my situation is unique, especially with my feet, but then again there are people with no feet, no legs, and uusually I hate when people mention that, cuz really?  Come on, duh!  But this time it's true.  What do they do for exercise?  So I'm going to have to quit, ugh, I hate to say this, feeling sorry for myself (I'm so pouting as I type that, maybe even a little huffy, and definitely glaring with a semi eye roll), and figure out new and perhaps even exciting ways to make things work for me.
I don't pretend my blog is going to help anyone, if anything I hope someone will post in the comments and help me!!!  I do think sometimes, though, I'll make someone laugh and maybe one day surprise someone with a good weight loss!
And Jenni sent this to me.  I was to wrapped up in my crabbiness to realize she was making a joke regarding my foot issues at first, but then I got it.  Good ole Jenni!  I just love her!!!!

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