Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl, Stilettos and Revamping my Goals

As you can see I was rooting for the Giants.
Now I really know nothing about the Giants other than they are from New York and one of the Manning brother's plays for them - Eli. 

What I do know is that I am NOT a fan of Tom Brady or his "great hands"

I had great plans for a big spread of food, but fell shy when I got lazy. 
You can see an array of veggies, pita chips, and my homemade roasted red pepper humus, though.

Let me introduce you to my mother, Karen. 
She came over for the Superbowl festivities.  Normally she is a wild maniac Tennessee Titans fan, and NOT a Peyton Manning fan AT ALL, so rooting for a Manning seemed strange, but she did it!

Did I mention she is also a Tebow fan?

Okay, onto my health and Revamping of my Goals.  Running my measly 10 minutes the other day sent my pathetic feet cracking.  Then I realized I hadn't gotten new shoes since I got lost walking in my own neighborhood this summer.  Remember that post - ?  That was back in JUNE!!!  I need new shoes!!!  So I went and got some this weekend. 
All you younger women, take note as your walking around in your narrow, pointed, stilletos - your day will come!!!  Sure those shoes are hot and sexy, but your toes will eventually buck the sexy system and bunions and sore feet will prevail!

Sexy Stiletto 

What your poor foot looks like in that Stiletto

What your foot looks like after wearing a lot of Stilettos

And the horrific painful surgery you'll need to correct it
So just know - be kind to your feet!

I hate shopping for shoes because A~ it's a pain (ha ha literally, I didn't plan that) trying to find the right shoes that doesn't hurt and B~ I don't want to take the time I need to, to try to find the right shoe.  I couldn't remember what my podiatrist told me were running shoes and Aisics okay?  I know he said stay away from narrow pointy shoes and go for the flat boxy toe (so sexy...not!).  So I ended up with Nike's.  They do feel good, but they do put pressure along the outter edge of my big toe.  We shall see. 
Talking with my boss today, I've told you she's a great source of health/diet/exercise info, I confessed my weight to her.  And my desire to break out of the 10 lb range Ive been stuck in since summer.  Then I thought to myself the weight I have set as my goal and it hit me.  That is not going to happen.  It's too much.  I cannot lose 40 pounds by July 1st.  And that in all actuality, that might be too much.   So I am revamping my goal to.....Weigh 140 by 40.  I hope this doesn't come across as a cop out, I just think it is more realistic.  If I surpass that, great.  But it's my goal and I hope to have the same support in the change of this goal.

Today's been a day, and although I should be exercising, I am having a glass of wine.  It might be just what I needed.

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Jane said...

I really LOVE your new goal! There is nothing more frustrating that trying to reach a lofty goal. I know you can do it and will be so successful! Hang in there!!!