Monday, February 20, 2012

131 - More Adventures

I went to the zoo!!!
And really, who doesn't look fabulous in a wooden giraffe mask!
I love the zoo!!  Yet we had never been to our local zoo since we moved here.  I was so excited - probably more than the kids!!

This was the bamboo trail - it was pretty cool strolling through tall thick bamboo and checking out the birds!

These little meerkats are so darn cool!  I want one!  Maybe I'll adopt one!

I'm not usually much of an amphebian lover, but this frog just seemed so cool - hanging out like, "what do you want from me?"

If you don't already know, I am deathly afraid of OWLS!  They scare the crap out of me.  The kids know this well.  We were in the petting zoo checking out some kangaroo like hoppy animals and the turkey exhibit was next.  My son says Mom - come see this turkey.  So I come around the corner, they're pointing, I look up and BAM!!  This owl is staring me down!  I took off running!  I did get myself together and faced my fears to get this photo from very far away - I zoomed in!  What I don't do for my blog!!! Even this picture creeps me out! YUCK!

When it was time to eat, I was glad to see amongst the nachos, hotdogs, pizza, burgers and candy, that there was a black bean burger!!  No fries for me!!!

On the property, is this original 1810 farm home.  I fell in love with it immediately!!
From the gorgeous balcony to the Cracker Barrel rockers on the front porch... the rustic gardens... the walk back to the house.  I just loved it and it felt so peaceful here.

The other animal I really appreciated was the giraffe!  This tall glass of water was so charming and cool it was actually comical.  He posed, he strutted, he slowly moved around and would look right at you.  Such a graceful beautiful animal!

By the time we left, we were all happily exhausted!  I checked my pedometer that I cleared when we got there, and it read 12943 steps!  As I look down now, 6 hours later, it reads 20369.  We put a lot of miles on today but it was awesome and a day I won't forget!!!

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Jane said...

It looks like a blast! I love that Owen is such a trickster! He's picked up a lot from John's toutilage (sp).