Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy March - Day 117

First of all, I saw this and thought it worthy to note.  It's National Nutrition Month! 

This was a great reminder to me, that my plate is probably not in the shape I want it in lately, which is not good for my goals, which then reminded me.....

Once again Im making very little progress.  I am 117 days away from my birthday and my goal.  What is holding me up?
I do try to eat right - smoothies for breakfast, quinoa salad for lunch, dinners are questionable.
What am I doing wrong -
*we had wine this weekend - lots of it!  It's gone, now, though, and I'm back on water!
*pizza - it's been a freaking pizza fest at our house lately!  I don't care if the pizza is only $4.99 no more of it for ME!
*Chai Lattes - yes I love my chai lattes, but I'm a long way from my Chai's being special and only once a week.  Of course Wal-mart isn't carrying my Twinings Chai tea anymore so I was forced to pick another brand.  I chucked it out the window as I was driving to work today.  Now what?
*Lack of exercise - My knees are just weak lately.  I'm fearful of an injury.  I need to start doing my 100 Workout again (only did it once last week).
*Hummus.  Now I know hummus is healthy.  the problem is it tastes so darn good I eat half the container!!!
*Water decrease - I  have not been drinking as much water as I used to or need to!

This all made me think of where I was when I started this blog and that made me realize I missed my Sheri's Path 1st Anniversary!

I've gone through a lot since Feb 23 of last year, but I think I've come out a stronger, healthier woman physically, emotionally, and mentally.

So Happy March, Happy 117 Days left to go, and Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

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