Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Monday

I'm tired today and little will power. 
What am I lacking?  I read other people's post and they just do things!  Some magical moment occurs in their life and BAM - they change!  I could get struck by lightning, stand up, stare at my smoking foot and say, "Hmmm, I'm hungry!" 
Today my problem is I didn't have a good breakfast.  Normally, that would just curb my appetite all day, but instead it's made me into a mad woman wanting everything in sight!  The problem is, I can't find anything!!!  I finally sent some change with my coworker down to to cafe to grab me some.....DORITOS!  Ugh, 260 calories.  They are so good, but so empty!
Now I'd much rather have my beloved turkey sandwich for lunch!  I need to make my lunches at night to stop this!  And I need to purchase more Quaker Oatmeal Squares (the maple kind, ha ha) to have for breakfast.  I LOOOOOOVE those!
Knowing my cravings, I am drinking water today instead of Diet Mt Dew - ha ha ha!
Dinner?  I'm already thinking grilled chicken and salad!
I hope this funky hunger quits soon....

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Jane said...

You're on the right path! LOL.... "My Path"! Breakfast... V8 for snacks, and a lovely turkey sandwich. What a good plan for the day.