Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was feeling better yesterday.  And I thought I'm going to work out.  Of course, the usual life events - including a mystery rodent in our backyard - starting closing my window on the a time to do this.  9:30pm the kids were asleep, hubby was tucked in bed early for once, and I thought SEIZE THE DAY (or night).  But then Cardiomax at 9:30pm just didn't seem "right" to me since I planned on going to bed directly afterwards.  Now let me explain, I wasn't looking to get out of doing the Cardiomax, I actually really wanted to.  I had to talk myself into understanding, p.m.yoga might be a wiser choice.  So I did it and it was wonderful!  I actually layed in crypt pose as the video ended and music played over, and over, and over before I woke up and had to go to bed!
This morning, though, I got up and going at 5am!  This time, Bob Harper and I went head to head!

That Bob seems so darn sweet, but he really is a mean evil man that makes my quads burn!!!! 

I'm thinking about a heart rate monitor to determine the calories I burn.  I can never figure it out well.  After Googling it appears I burned about 300 calories doing this work out. 

The scale is 162.9.  I believe that is up from where I was last week.  But I'm still on My Path and trudging along!

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