Wednesday, April 4, 2012

87 Days - National Walking Day

87 more days?!  OMG so scary!  But I'm confident.  I think.  Ugh.

Starting my return to the blog (sorry, it has been CRAZY in every sense of the word), it's a perfect day because it's National Walking Day!!!!

I clipped my pedometer (still at 20975 from the zoo over a month ago) on after I've been up for 3 hours (missing those steps) but I'm gonna hit 10K today.  Our office is celebrating by walking outside for 30 minutes!  I'm so excited, not just for me, but to hopefully see lots of people donning their tennis shoes and lapping our campus!

I had a good breakfast with my daughter this morning!
Scrambed Eggs with salsa on honeywheat toast!

And for my happiness portion - look what a wonderful husband got for us?!?! 
MOTLEY CRUE!!!! and KISS!  What an awesome combo!  I am excite beyond belief!!!

And on that note, let's KICK START our HEARTS to start the morning off right.....

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