Sunday, March 9, 2014

Progress and update

Well it's almost been a month.
I'll get the good news out of the way - I have lost 3 pounds.  Yeay me!
Since my last post, I fell out of the attic and injured myself - losing several days of doing anything except a walk I attempted to loosen up and only ended up in a lot of pain and my kids having to help me home.  Dumb.  Also I got the stomach flu - YEAY!!!!  I don't mean that sarcastically - although I was probably the sickest I've even been with a stomach flu, I thought certainly I had to lose 5 pounds through that alone.  NOPE!  the scale NEVER MOVED ONE OUNCE!!!!!  Not ONE OUNCE!  I thought my scale was broken.  I changed the battery.  I weighed myself in different rooms of the house.  I weighed myself at night.  I weighed myself in the morning.  It NEVER CHANGED!  Today I got on the scale, and it changed, but not to my liking. 
One other ailment I've had since December it an itch and a rash.  Both are oh so pleasant (now, that, is sarcasm).  Three prescriptions with 2 refills of each of them and 3 dr visits later, they've finally decided to send me to a dermatologist.  I go Tuesday.
I had a few good days last week - eating veggies again enjoying salads!!!  Then what happened????
I woke up again sick on Saturday.  I think, though, with the beautiful weather of spring happening it might be allergies.  I've tried Claritin without relief and I've tried Dayquil (incase it was another cold) without relief.  So I'm down  to trying sinus meds tonight.  Both my kids have it, too.
So I've not had the greatest test month with my new plan, but....
Something dawned on me the other day.  I was reminded of a video I watched this summer.
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.
Here is the extended trailer - please watch it....

Watching this video this summer my husband and I were both shocked and wide eyed.  We started the Dr Oz 3 day cleanse and then it fell off to the way side. 
This weekend, though, I was thinking, I never used to get sick as often as I do now.  And this rash?!?!
So the juicing thought came back up again.  I decided to mention it to my husband.  To my surprise, he said he was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to mention it.  So we discussed both of our health and what we could be doing to improve it.  We finally agreed that we were going to give juicing a try.  Coincidentally I saw a infomercial on a juicer.  I did a little research, asked a few people, found one or two that had this juicer and we finally made the purchase tonight.  We decided not to go with a high dollar one, because in terms of juicers high dollar can be $300-$400.  We're not ready for that commitment.  But the reviews on this one were pretty good.  So we're going to try it.

Just returned from the store with my Tylenol Sinus in hand and on my 2nd tumbler of 16oz of water this evening.  So hopefully things will start improving!!!

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