Thursday, February 6, 2014

I don't even get offended any more....

I used to be upset when things like this came in my mail.  How dare they!
Now I'm like, "Hmm.  What's the point."

And of course, this little bit of advertising has worked, because it's been on my mind since I sluffed it off yesterday.  I've shreaded it already , so should I decide to try the most successful diet plan available, I don't have these 4 money saving coupons, nor do I have the free recipe. 

I didn't even realize I have started getting Weight Watcher's Magazine on my Nook.  I opened it up in my hot bubble bath last night and was like, "WHOA!"  So I read Sept/Oct and part of Nov/Dec.   Jan/Feb is on tap for tonight's bubble bath.

I even told my friend, Who would join Weight Watchers when there is for free.  I mean, clearly that has been working for me for like 3 years now, right?

I've gone to the WW site and filled out everything I can other than my credit card number.  All numbers are in agreement with my dr's office, health insurance and BMI calculators.

Why don't I utilize MFP more?  My honest answer?  I hate when there are things I eat that aren't in there and I have to enter the recipe.  Great - that's like once every moon, Sheri. 

So, I'm full of excuses is more the issue.  Its not a failed part on Weight Watchers (which I previously have done) or MFP or Slim Fast or Biggest Loser cookbooks or Extreme Make Over's Chris whatever his name is.

I know what to eat and what not to eat for the most part.  Breakfast still throws me.  I want eggs and salt.    Actually an Egg McMuffin on a daily basis would be perfect for me.  Two hardboiled eggs with salt would be perfect for me. 

Today I had 2 cups coffee and creamer (140 calories total) and then some Reduced Fat Triscuits with some 2% mexi cheese.  So the cheese was bad.  Eh.

I have put into use my hillbilly mason jar for water.  It's easy to measure 24 oz and it keeps the water nice and cool!  3 of these per day should be just fine. 
That looks small actually, but it's a large 24oz Mason jar. 
Goal for the day: Drink 3 Mason Jars, do some form of ab exercise.

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