Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hump Day

Day Two Outlook: 

Hump Day Video!

It's a little long and dark - I was tired of being pink/orange/red from my multicolored desk lamp in my videos.

My disappointing oatmeal

To keep me on track, I had to take the fitness evaluation for our health insurance.  For those that remember, I did this last year too and came up short.    When I was finished, it said Congratulations and my score of 73.  I was all excited - I passed this time.  WRONG!!!  You had to scroll down and click several other links to find out.....
Yep, I have to drop one bmi point to get my insurance discount.  I'm not complaining, with all the healthcare costs etc, I should have to own up to my part for a discount.  I'm lucky to even have coverage (even though we pay WELL for it!). 
 So I'm pretty sure, I'm doing the right thing in self evaluation and getting back on track.

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